We offer Conform'able inner soles, by SIDAS, Custom ski.

The inner sole Custom ski is an inner sole that is custom-made, offering a perfect fit to each foot. It is designed for integration into ski or snowboard skiboots.
At the store, our boot-fitting specialist will transform flat Conform'able inner soles by thermoforming them, so that they become perfect-fit molded soles, 100% customised.

The Conform'able inner soles are specifically adapted for sports shoes, enjoying heel cushioning thanks to the 3D construction thereby stabilizing the feet, spreading better body weight, ensuring better comfort, better accuracy and improved blood circulation.
This helps prevents cramps, burns and blisters.

Conform'able inner soles are custom made using a Laser Jet machine in the shop.
It takes 15 minutes to make your inner soles.

To make your inner soles fit the contours of your ski boots, the boot fitting specialist has received appropriate training, validated by a diploma issued by SIDAS.

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